If you were on the way to work this morning (Friday) at 8.40 am and could not watch Chanel 7 – let me tell you the about the six things to add to your wardrobe, according to the style editor of  Style Magazine:

– A military look – strongly suggested for coats

– Lace – pretty lace tops to wear with everything

– Laced-up boots – to wear with jeans, skirts, pants, and they will be appropriate everywhere

– Chunky Sweaters – especially in a beige/neutral tones

– The new color – Camel – worn with grey accessories.

– Fitted dresses – in the 50’s style, belted and showing our curves again

   Have a nice weekend



Author: Brigitte Nioche

Author of Getting Over Growing Older Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.

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